Who is this for?

The Houston Youth Harp Ensemble was founded with the goal of serving middle and high school aged harpists in the Houston area. Harpists outside of this age range will be considered on an individual basis and with recommendation from their private teachers.

First rehearsal 5

What kind of music will we be playing?

“Under the Sea” will be our spring 2020 program, featuring music that harnesses the power and mystery of rivers and oceans. Parts will be assigned with your harp background in mind, but you are encouraged to work with your private teacher to make edits as necessary.

I don’t play a pedal harp. Is that a problem?

Not a problem at all. Both pedal and lever harps are welcome!

Do I have to bring my harp?

Yes. Harpists are required to bring their harp and bench to all rehearsals and concerts.

Is there parking near rehearsals and concerts?

Yes, there is a small parking lot at our rehearsal venue (5771 Enid St, Houston, TX 77009), and our concert space has some street parking. Both have a ramp and easy access for harp moving!

What about tuning?

All harpists are required to tune their own instrument and are expected to arrive no less than 15 minutes prior to the start of ensemble rehearsal to tune. Harp students should have a pick–up that attaches to their tuner to allow for them to tune in noisier spaces.

If for any reason a harpist arrives after the start of a rehearsal, they can tune quietly in the hallway and join the ensemble at an appropriate moment.

Is it okay if we have to miss a rehearsal?

DSC_0022Probably not. Attendance at all rehearsals is expected, for the benefit of the individual and the group. We offer some flexibility to accommodate members who would otherwise not be able to participate.  Attendance at dress rehearsals and concerts is mandatory. Contact us if you have a specific concern.

What if I don’t know how to read music?

A minimum of one year of harp lessons is suggested. Parts will be assigned ahead of time; for those concerned about their reading ability, there will be ample time to prepare your part before the first rehearsal. Students are welcome to modify parts if needed, but parts are assigned with each student’s ability in mind.

What’s your cancellation policy?

We offer a 50% tuition refund for cancellations made up to a month before the first rehearsal of the semester. Each student is an essential member of the HYHE, and we determine our musical selections based on the students who register. For this reason, cancellations after that date will not be refunded.